White Mustang GT with tan interior

Restored Mustangs For Sale in DeBary, FL

The market for restored classic Mustangs can be a tricky one, both in terms of tracking one down and in the ability to make it a showpiece. But restoring Mustangs for buyers in the DeBary, FL area is exactly what we do.

We’re familiar with all generations of Mustang, from the early 1960’s models all the way up to modern designs. If you’ve had a dream about owning a particular year, we can help make that happen.

But more importantly as a distinction to make, when we say “Mustang restoration” we don’t simply mean a new coat of paint and reupholstering the seats. Our restored Mustangs for sale also feature:

  • Optional HD stereo upgrades (with screens and bluetooth connectivity)
  • Conversion to power brakes & steering (for Mustangs built without it)
  • Engine upgrades (swapping engines altogether and/or installing mods to enhance performance)

The stereo upgrades are optional of course, since we understand that some people will prefer that a classic car has all original tech from that era (or as close as possible).

However, we feel that’s a cool option for those who want the classic car with some of the modern niceties you’d find in a late model vehicle.

We see Mustang restoration as as opportunity for customization and not fixing an old machine.

Performance Mods for DeBary Area Pony Car Owners

We’ve had conversations with those who snagged a ’68 Mustang they’d fantasized about for years, but always felt there was something missing.

For one thing, if you’ve never driven a car without power steering before it can be a jarring experience.

But some of the stories folks have told us are things like, “Mine is a 6-cylinder because I had to take what I could find at the time, and it’s cool to drive around in it, but I’ve always wished it were faster.”

That’s a common story, and it’s exactly where we can come in.

The best part about some of the more common Mustang upgrades is that in many cases each one complements the next. For instance…

  • If you already have a V8, adding a turbo or a supercharger is a straightforward way to add horsepower you’ll feel.
  • Once you are using a supercharger, a hood scoop is not only a great visual upgrade but one that meaningfully lets the engine area breathe. That helps the supercharger do what it does.

Buying A Restored Mustang in DeBary

There are two main ways we sell restored Mustangs from our DeBary location.

Most of what we’ve been talking about above involves customized orders, which is the first way we operate.

The other one is ideal for someone looking to buy right now. We routinely acquire new inventory of used Mustangs and fix them up, so you can browse our site for ones we have ready to sell and reach out to us if one strikes you.